Handle The Changes is a game made for the GitHub Game Off II.

  • Follow the rules displayed on the left board and make the fewest mistakes.
  • Pay attention to the rules, they change !
  • In 2-player mode, the most responsive one to change will win !
  • In single-player mode, the challenge is to stay as long as possible in the game. It's good practice before you compete against a friend.
  • When the last rule says that you play your opponent's character, you have to follow his rules (the inputs don't change) and try to make mistakes to make him lose the game (but he'll try to do the same for you!).

  • Controls : Use the mouse for the menus and the letters on the keyboard to move the character(s) : read the rules given ingame to know which ones are yours.

    Here is the GitHub repository of this game : https://github.com/aurelien974/game-off-2013

    I used the libraries of the CreateJS suite.

    I would like to thank the creators of the free and open source assets below :

    • the playable characters : kenney.nl
    • the HUD, grass and stones : Buch
    • some icons : ionicons
    • the other icons : Font Awesome by Dave Gandy - http://fontawesome.io
    • musics : kasa90
    • sounds : made with sfxr by DrPetter
    • Google Fonts : Limelight (by Sorkin Type), Monofett and Bangers (by Vernon Adams)
    AuthorAurélien Picolet
    Tagschange, Game Jam, GitHub, handle, Multiplayer, Versus
    Average sessionA few minutes
    MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
    Player count1 - 2